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High definition paintings of places, objects, properties

Friday August 6 2010 – Mexican Image

One of my favourite spots, at Hacienda Galindo, in Mexico’s San Juan del Rio, is so wonderfully inspiring and calm, I wish I could work on my images sitting there, in that lovely terrace, with a pitcher of horchata. Hmmmm!

Again, thumbnail accesses a 400 by 600 pixels jpeg. Thanks!

Quiet Place at Hacienda Galindo
Quiet Place at Hacienda Galindo 400 x 600

Thursday August 5 2010 – Scooter image

This one’s a bit different. It’s still a Plateau Mont-Royal image, a back-alley actually, but the subject is a scooter I chanced upon in my explorations of my neighborhood’s spaces. I just liked how someone used a small area as a parking spot. Perfect for such a small vehicle. Thumbnail below accesses a 400 x 600 jpeg.

Scooter Parking 400 x 600
Scooter Parking 400 x 600

Wed. Aug 4 2010 – Rainbow coloured place

This one I really like. It’s as if a rainbow had splashed over everything: trees, shrubs, stone, glass, even the air.

As usual, click on the thumbnail below to access a 600 x 400 jpeg. Thanks!

Rainbow Place 600 x 400
Rainbow Place 600 x 400
Rainbow Place Detail
Rainbow Place Detail

Tuesday Aug. 3 2010 – Montreal Downtown Image

Can’t get more commercially centered than this in Montreal. This would be where you shop till you drop, I guess. I just capture images. Go figure!

Montreal Downtown Terrace
Downtown Terrace 400 x 600

Carcassonne Wallpaper

Hello everyone. Today’s upload is another wallpaper, in both regular and wide formats. To download, simply right-click on the thumbnail and select Save target as.

Carcassonne Regular
Carcassonne 1600 x 1200
Carcassonne Wide Format
Carcassonne 1920 x 1200

Wednesday, July 28 2010 image

A staircase is totally hidden by vegetation. This would have made my day as a young boy. It actually made my day as an adult ;o)

Here’s a smaller version:

Hidden Staircase 400 x 600
Hidden Staircase 400 x 600

Tuesday, July 27 Image

Yep. Another Montreal Mile-End one right here. Also small jpeg available through the thumbnail below.

Montreal Mile-End Front Yard
Mile-End Yard 600 x 400

Monday, July 26 2010 image

Here’s another Montreal image I just uploaded. As usual, clicking on the thumbnail below displays a small version of the image. Thanks!

Lilac Yellow Stairs - Montreal Images
Colourful housefront from Montreal

The Grass Grows By Itself – today’s image

I’d uploaded a before-and-after animated gif on this one. Here’s the final image. I also created a low-res jpeg you can access by clicking on the thumbnail below. Thanks!

Sitting Quietly
Sitting quietly - the grass grows by itself.