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Impressionistic renderings of streets, street corners, crossroads, etc.

Monday, July 26 2010 image

Here’s another Montreal image I just uploaded. As usual, clicking on the thumbnail below displays a small version of the image. Thanks!

Lilac Yellow Stairs - Montreal Images
Colourful housefront from Montreal

Today, one of my favourites: Blue Windows

I just love this one for its colours and harmonious feel. It’s here in my Montreal gallery. And, again, I’ve created a 600 x 400 jpeg you can access by clicking on the thumbnail below. Thanks!

Blue Windows low-res jpeg
The Blue Windows

Today’s image: shrubs guard home entrance

Here’s a Montreal Mile-End housefront from my Spring wanderings. I loved the shrubs flanking each side of the porch and the reflections in the windows and the door. Hope you like it. Click here to access it from my Montreal gallery, or click on the thumbnail below to display a low-res jpg. Thanks!

Between Shrubs 600 x 400
Between Shrubs 600 x 400
Between Shrubs Detail
Between Shrubs Detail

New Montreal Image

A back-alley in my neighborhood (Plateau Mont-Royal), towards the end of Spring, inspired me enough to want to capture its vivacity and lushness. Go see it here. Thanks for your feedback.

I also created a preview file (600 x 400) you can view by clicking on the thumbnail. Thanks!

Plateau Mont-Royal back-alley
Montreal Back-Alley

Sydney Rocks Before-After

Here’s another before and after animated gif showing the starting photograph and the final painting. The final image is not yet available in my Sydney gallery, but I’ll download it there soon. Thanks everyone.

Before and after view of Sydney Rocks District Painting
Sidney Rocks District View

Six new images in Mexican Magic Gallery

Hi everyone! I just uploaded six new images in my Mexican Magic gallery. Go here to view them.

Remember to use the image archive menu and select galleries to see all available galleries.

Thanks! Until next upload…

Four new images in Appalachian-Laurentian Forests

There were only two images in there. I thought they needed company, so I prepped four new ones and just finished uploading them here.

To see all available galleries, simply use the image archive / galleries menu or click here.

Thank you!

New images in Montreal Gallery

Just uploaded 12 new images in my Montreal Gallery. Go see them. The thumbnails gallery is here. Please notice there may be more than one page of thumbnails. There are more than 25 images now in my Montreal Gallery so you need to use the control to display additional thumbnail pages.

Also, because I updated most of my images in the France Gallery, you can view them here.

I also split some North American images into distinct galleries: Appalachian-Laurentian Forests (only 2 images as of yet) and Canadian Rockies. You’re welcome to go see them by clicking on the appropriate hyperlinks.

Finally, all of the San Francisco images were updated. See them here.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and encouragement. I intend to post some more images pretty soon. I’m still doing print tests so that I’ll know an ordered print will be of the best possible quality. Hint for now: the images look stunning on canvas. I’m surprised at the detail and color accuracy. As for high quality prints (on Art paper mostly), I already got very nice results so everything’s trucking nicely ;o)

New Portfolio just got started: France

Just uploaded some French images I’ve been working on. Click here to display them. I’m afraid there are only a few of them as of now. More to come eventually.

In any window or gallery, you can always use the image archive/galleries menu to access the galleries available for viewing.

Thanks for your comments!

Spain Portfolio images reloaded

I adjusted all of my Spain images with printing in mind. Use the image archive menu to display all available galleries, or simply click here to display my improved Spain images. Those of you color sensitive will probably notice huge differences, hopefully for the better ;o)