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Cava de San Miguel Street, off Plaza Mayor, Madrid


Cava de San Miguel Street
Cava de San Miguel Street

A second installment from my September 2016 walkabout in the wonderful city of Madrid. La calle Cava de San Miguel is just off the Plaza Mayor, in the centre of the city, within some remains of what is known as the Christian Walls that were built in Medieval times.

The Tree in the Courtyard – Le Marais – Paris

The Tree in the Courtyard

An inner courtyard in Le Marais, Paris, on a Walkabout in August 2016.

Like a lot of European cities, Paris is full of small jewels for the eye. All the observer has to do is be alert. This was on a walkabout in Le Marais. I just couldn’t ignore the setting. There were shops on the ground level – quiet, as it had been raining, which explains my unobstructed view. This courtyard was part of a network and you could move from one small “place” to another before getting back to the main streets all around.

Finally an update: Puerta Arco, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain


So I owe all of you following my work an apology. I’ve been insanely busy earning a living, and trying to mix in my art with my business has been, shall we say “not happening”?

I did post a lot of work on my Facebook page, but the ease of posting to FB has been a bane for this website and my Web presence, I guess.

Si – I love Spain and went there a while back for business. When I got to Madrid, I just couldn’t believe how fast I got comfortable. More than that, I was inspired at every corner. Considering the type of work I do, it isn’t really a surprise, but still. I am grateful that I got to go to Madrid again and had a little time to pick up some pieces I have and will work on for the coming weeks.

This one’s my first installment of my Madrid Walkabout. I hope you like it.

On a Wet Afternoon

Rain sometimes makes for interesting effects. And Dusk being my favourite time of day, I indulged myself in Cirencester.

Late Afternoon in Cirencester
Late Afternoon in Cirencester

A Parisian Wink

Don’t think I ever posted this one. From a walkabout quite a while back, in the city that is so beautiful under the sun – and so depressing when it’s raining.

Red Coat
Red Coat

Fleeting Artwork – When the Artist is Invisible

Art of the morning Sun on a canal facade in Bruges. Awesome!

Fleeting Artwork
Fleeting Artwork

Early morning in Bruges

Cool, early morning sun splashed plaza in Bruges. Time for a coffee!

Early Morning in Bruges - Dille & Kamille
Early Morning in Bruges – Dille & Kamille


Bruges Impressions – Cross Over

I was very lucky to visit Bruges on a clear, mostly sunny day. Its canals make for spectacular views. A friend, Jon,  made me notice: Bruges, in my eyes, is blue! As Stockholm is orange, now that I figured Bruges out ;o)

Cross Over
Cross Over


Feeling like doing just that!

Cyclist in Bruges is one I made with a person. I don’t include many people in my paintings, because I don’t want to invade their privacy, even if the painted faces look nothing like the original wearers.

I like this one.  The light was just fantastic!

Cyclist - Bruges
Cyclist – Bruges

Left Turn

A short stint in Bruges last year. This, my first in the series.

Bruges has canals and cafés aplenty. Choose your spot and enjoy.

Left Turn
Left Turn