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Illustrator by trade, with pre-press, design and photography as offshoots, I grok the world visually. I’m constantly amazed at the magic moments/places one can experience on this wonderful little blue orb lost in a sea of cosmic dust. Most of what you see here is, in a way, my personal take on places, events, people or even thoughts I’ve encountered on my path. Make yourself at home and enjoy the ride.

A lot of my images are photography-based illustrations, so pay attention. Even though I may (will) post photographs, a lot of my work is impressionistic, à la Van Gogh, Group of Seven or even Diego Rivera. I also do private and corporate portraits, which fall into the hyper-realist – even fantastic – category.

When I look at the world, I see music. I have to stop and take in what’s there, in front of me. When I work, I try and show how I feel about a place, a subject, a person. Except for portraiture, I don’t pretend to represent anything faithfully. But I’m willing to bet my take on your front yard, your garden, your baby, your city will blow you away ;o)

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The World As I See It

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