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Impressionistic renderings of people of all ages

Feeling like doing just that!

Cyclist in Bruges is one I made with a person. I don’t include many people in my paintings, because I don’t want to invade their privacy, even if the painted faces look nothing like the original wearers.

I like this one.  The light was just fantastic!

Cyclist - Bruges
Cyclist – Bruges

Monday Aug. 23 2010 – Vermeer Woman

This one’s a take on Vermeer. I’m afraid I’m very far from the master, but I enjoyed painting this one all the same. As usual, thumbnails below access a jpeg and detail view. Thanks for visiting.

Vermeer Woman 700 x 648
Vermeer Woman 700 x 648
Vermeer Woman Detail
Vermeer Woman Detail

The Grass Grows By Itself – today’s image

I’d uploaded a before-and-after animated gif on this one. Here’s the final image. I also created a low-res jpeg you can access by clicking on the thumbnail below. Thanks!

Sitting Quietly
Sitting quietly - the grass grows by itself.

Click on Image to See Before and After Example


Young boy sitting quietly on a beach.
Meditative moment

This is a very low res “Before and After” example. Click on the image to see the original shot switch to the painting I created and vice versa every 3 seconds (breathe through the nose, say your mantra, twiddle your thumbs). It is an animated gif, which means the quality is very far from the production files, but it is enough to give you an idea of the finished painting vs. the original photographic still.