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Friday, Nov. 5 2010 – Fall Colours

This is one of a number of studies I’m making on colour in the natural world. I also submitted it for a Pantone image competition.

Natural Pantone
Natural Pantone 534 x 630
Natural Pantone Detail
Natural Pantone Detail

Wednesday, Oct. 13 2010 – Tickled Pink

OK! I know it’s just a flower. I simply couldn’t resist the contrast between the hot pink and the dark greens. I also wanted to create artificial depth by going fuzzy on the right of the painting and very sharp and detailed on the left.

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink 699 x 466
Pretty in Pink Detail
Pretty in Pink Detail

Monday, Aug 2 2010 image – Pipe Dream

This one’s definitely whimsical, or just outlandish, depending on your point of view. I’m always struck by the way nature claims its own over anything man-made. In this particular case, I thought the fresh green leaves felt like the rusted pipes dream, or thoughts. The wondrous tentacles of life find purchase on the most barren and urban spots. As usual, click on the thumbnail below to access a 600 by 400 pixels jpeg. Thanks.

Pipe Dream 600 x 400
Pipe Dream 600 x 400

New Gallery: Whimsical

OK. So the title doesn’t say much. This gallery, in time, will contain images that simply don’t fit anywhere else as clearly as here ;o)

Go see the images here.

Only two images for now, more coming eventually. The Home Sweet Home image has an interesting history. In 1977 (I know!), with my wife, I was in Spain’s Costa del Sol on something like the fourth month of an ongoing walkabout in Western Europe and I had started to miss home, friends and family. We were at a Natural Thermal Baths facility up in the mountains and I spontaneously started making this image out of materials I found around me. I made the house like the North-American ones I know because I was missing my home. Now, the interesting thing is I had totally forgotten about taking a picture of the image after I had finished it, because I knew it wouldn’t last long. Fast forward to early 2010: I was going through old colour slides (there were no digital cameras in 1977!) when I noticed the capture of my “drawing”. When I scanned it and opened it up on my computer, I had the peculiar feeling of connecting with the precise moment in time when I actually took the still way back then. It was as if the François from that time was winking at the older one from 2010. A time capsule had just delivered its magical message. I stayed on that buzz for almost a week. This was, to me, an incredible gift. I love this image for all those reasons, plus the fact it just is wonderfully naive. I hope you like it too!

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