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Impressionistic renderings of streets, street corners, crossroads, etc.

Wed. Aug 4 2010 – Rainbow coloured place

This one I really like. It’s as if a rainbow had splashed over everything: trees, shrubs, stone, glass, even the air.

As usual, click on the thumbnail below to access a 600 x 400 jpeg. Thanks!

Rainbow Place 600 x 400
Rainbow Place 600 x 400
Rainbow Place Detail
Rainbow Place Detail

Tuesday Aug. 3 2010 – Montreal Downtown Image

Can’t get more commercially centered than this in Montreal. This would be where you shop till you drop, I guess. I just capture images. Go figure!

Montreal Downtown Terrace
Downtown Terrace 400 x 600

Monday, Aug 2 2010 image – Pipe Dream

This one’s definitely whimsical, or just outlandish, depending on your point of view. I’m always struck by the way nature claims its own over anything man-made. In this particular case, I thought the fresh green leaves felt like the rusted pipes dream, or thoughts. The wondrous tentacles of life find purchase on the most barren and urban spots. As usual, click on the thumbnail below to access a 600 by 400 pixels jpeg. Thanks.

Pipe Dream 600 x 400
Pipe Dream 600 x 400

Wednesday, July 28 2010 image

A staircase is totally hidden by vegetation. This would have made my day as a young boy. It actually made my day as an adult ;o)

Here’s a smaller version:

Hidden Staircase 400 x 600
Hidden Staircase 400 x 600

Tuesday, July 27 Image

Yep. Another Montreal Mile-End one right here. Also small jpeg available through the thumbnail below.

Montreal Mile-End Front Yard
Mile-End Yard 600 x 400

Monday, July 26 2010 image

Here’s another Montreal image I just uploaded. As usual, clicking on the thumbnail below displays a small version of the image. Thanks!

Lilac Yellow Stairs - Montreal Images
Colourful housefront from Montreal

Today, one of my favourites: Blue Windows

I just love this one for its colours and harmonious feel. It’s here in my Montreal gallery. And, again, I’ve created a 600 x 400 jpeg you can access by clicking on the thumbnail below. Thanks!

Blue Windows low-res jpeg
The Blue Windows

Today’s image: shrubs guard home entrance

Here’s a Montreal Mile-End housefront from my Spring wanderings. I loved the shrubs flanking each side of the porch and the reflections in the windows and the door. Hope you like it. Click here to access it from my Montreal gallery, or click on the thumbnail below to display a low-res jpg. Thanks!

Between Shrubs 600 x 400
Between Shrubs 600 x 400
Between Shrubs Detail
Between Shrubs Detail

New Montreal Image

A back-alley in my neighborhood (Plateau Mont-Royal), towards the end of Spring, inspired me enough to want to capture its vivacity and lushness. Go see it here. Thanks for your feedback.

I also created a preview file (600 x 400) you can view by clicking on the thumbnail. Thanks!

Plateau Mont-Royal back-alley
Montreal Back-Alley