Café Brasserie

Yes. I know. The title is right there – look closely if you haven’t figured it out yet. Makes naming my paintings easier when I can refer back to something in the image ;o)

So I’m walking on this beautiful Spring day with a few good friends. Paris requires a lot of walking! Which explains why that city is so packed with Cafés, Restaurants, Brasseries, etc. You walk 50 miles, you get parched and hungry. You sit, enjoy a meal, ideally with friends, look at life walking by, get back up, walk another 50 miles and start the whole process again. I can’t get enough.

Everything here is skewed. First, Paris is patterned like a wheel, with streets gradually moving away from each other from a center point. Makes navigating around pretty weird, but also surprise-friendly. Second, streets and corners can be seen from a distance, with the perspective anyone needs to be able to appreciate their beauty. So of course, I can’t help but be totally taken by the “wonderful spaces” I see all around me as I walkabout.

Here’s another place that caught my eye. I’d go back and sit at that sunny terrace any day. I hope you like it. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, have a drink and chill for a while. Take it in and let it bring you over to the Parisian side! It’ll be worth your while.

Café Brasserie in Paris
Lunchtime in Paris, Spring 2012