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Impressionistic renderings of city parks and gardens, plazas, public areas, etc.

The Tree in the Courtyard – Le Marais – Paris

The Tree in the Courtyard

An inner courtyard in Le Marais, Paris, on a Walkabout in August 2016.

Like a lot of European cities, Paris is full of small jewels for the eye. All the observer has to do is be alert. This was on a walkabout in Le Marais. I just couldn’t ignore the setting. There were shops on the ground level – quiet, as it had been raining, which explains my unobstructed view. This courtyard was part of a network and you could move from one small “place” to another before getting back to the main streets all around.

Finally an update: Puerta Arco, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain


So I owe all of you following my work an apology. I’ve been insanely busy earning a living, and trying to mix in my art with my business has been, shall we say “not happening”?

I did post a lot of work on my Facebook page, but the ease of posting to FB has been a bane for this website and my Web presence, I guess.

Si – I love Spain and went there a while back for business. When I got to Madrid, I just couldn’t believe how fast I got comfortable. More than that, I was inspired at every corner. Considering the type of work I do, it isn’t really a surprise, but still. I am grateful that I got to go to Madrid again and had a little time to pick up some pieces I have and will work on for the coming weeks.

This one’s my first installment of my Madrid Walkabout. I hope you like it.

On a Wet Afternoon

Rain sometimes makes for interesting effects. And Dusk being my favourite time of day, I indulged myself in Cirencester.

Late Afternoon in Cirencester
Late Afternoon in Cirencester

A Parisian Wink

Don’t think I ever posted this one. From a walkabout quite a while back, in the city that is so beautiful under the sun – and so depressing when it’s raining.

Red Coat
Red Coat

Fleeting Artwork – When the Artist is Invisible

Art of the morning Sun on a canal facade in Bruges. Awesome!

Fleeting Artwork
Fleeting Artwork

Early morning in Bruges

Cool, early morning sun splashed plaza in Bruges. Time for a coffee!

Early Morning in Bruges - Dille & Kamille
Early Morning in Bruges – Dille & Kamille


Bruges Impressions – Cross Over

I was very lucky to visit Bruges on a clear, mostly sunny day. Its canals make for spectacular views. A friend, Jon,  made me notice: Bruges, in my eyes, is blue! As Stockholm is orange, now that I figured Bruges out ;o)

Cross Over
Cross Over


Feeling like doing just that!

Cyclist in Bruges is one I made with a person. I don’t include many people in my paintings, because I don’t want to invade their privacy, even if the painted faces look nothing like the original wearers.

I like this one.  The light was just fantastic!

Cyclist - Bruges
Cyclist – Bruges

Left Turn

A short stint in Bruges last year. This, my first in the series.

Bruges has canals and cafés aplenty. Choose your spot and enjoy.

Left Turn
Left Turn

Clovelly – no heels allowed

Get good shoes and you’ll have your cardio done by the end of a treck through Clovelly, a very old fishing village in the Torridge district of Devon, England.

Clovelly Walkway
Clovelly Walkway