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Impressionistic renderings of city parks and gardens, plazas, public areas, etc.

Thur. Aug. 19 2010 – Mexican Hacienda Courtyard

Today’s image is from an inner courtyard, in a Mexican hacienda. The crossed paths, with the cross in the background, were just too inviting for me to resist. As usual, both 600 x 400 and detail jpegs below. Thanks for visiting.

The Double Cross 600 x 404
Double Cross 600 x 404
Double Cross Detail
Double Cross Detail

Tuesday Aug 17, Image from the 2010 Montreal Jazz Festival

Every year in July the Montreal Jazz Festival attracts musicians and music lovers from around the world. This image is from the Place des Arts set where strollers can stop and rest a bit before the next show.

Jazzfest Rest Area 600 x 400
Jazzfest Rest Area 600 x 400
Jazzfest Rest Area Detail
Jazzfest Rest Area Detail

Monday Aug 16 2010 – Roots Universe

I’m fascinated by the unseen, the places and spots we go by without a thought that contain full Universes if you only stop and look – or stop and listen?.

This roots network was at the foot of a tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. I’m simply amplifying through color (and strokes) what is always there for the observer to see. I never tire of looking at this type of visual.

It isn’t as impressive as a sunset or some great garden somewhere, but, in its own granularity, it is just as rich and deep as any vista. I hope you like it. As usual, thumbnail accesses a 600 x 400 jpeg.

Roots 600 x 400
Roots network 600 x 400
Roots Detail
Roots Detail

Friday August 6 2010 – Mexican Image

One of my favourite spots, at Hacienda Galindo, in Mexico’s San Juan del Rio, is so wonderfully inspiring and calm, I wish I could work on my images sitting there, in that lovely terrace, with a pitcher of horchata. Hmmmm!

Again, thumbnail accesses a 400 by 600 pixels jpeg. Thanks!

Quiet Place at Hacienda Galindo
Quiet Place at Hacienda Galindo 400 x 600

Thursday August 5 2010 – Scooter image

This one’s a bit different. It’s still a Plateau Mont-Royal image, a back-alley actually, but the subject is a scooter I chanced upon in my explorations of my neighborhood’s spaces. I just liked how someone used a small area as a parking spot. Perfect for such a small vehicle. Thumbnail below accesses a 400 x 600 jpeg.

Scooter Parking 400 x 600
Scooter Parking 400 x 600

Tuesday Aug. 3 2010 – Montreal Downtown Image

Can’t get more commercially centered than this in Montreal. This would be where you shop till you drop, I guess. I just capture images. Go figure!

Montreal Downtown Terrace
Downtown Terrace 400 x 600

Four new images in Appalachian-Laurentian Forests

There were only two images in there. I thought they needed company, so I prepped four new ones and just finished uploading them here.

To see all available galleries, simply use the image archive / galleries menu or click here.

Thank you!

New images in Montreal Gallery

Just uploaded 12 new images in my Montreal Gallery. Go see them. The thumbnails gallery is here. Please notice there may be more than one page of thumbnails. There are more than 25 images now in my Montreal Gallery so you need to use the control to display additional thumbnail pages.

Also, because I updated most of my images in the France Gallery, you can view them here.

I also split some North American images into distinct galleries: Appalachian-Laurentian Forests (only 2 images as of yet) and Canadian Rockies. You’re welcome to go see them by clicking on the appropriate hyperlinks.

Finally, all of the San Francisco images were updated. See them here.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and encouragement. I intend to post some more images pretty soon. I’m still doing print tests so that I’ll know an ordered print will be of the best possible quality. Hint for now: the images look stunning on canvas. I’m surprised at the detail and color accuracy. As for high quality prints (on Art paper mostly), I already got very nice results so everything’s trucking nicely ;o)