Digital images from UK walkabouts

[img src=]1830Abbotsbury Pond
Barns and buildings by a pond, Abbotsbury
[img src=]850Cirencester After the Rain
After a rainfall, at sunset, in Cirencester
[img src=]570Hillside Cottage
In the most beautiful village in England, Castle Combe, this cottage, by the side of the road, is a typical example of why that village is such a hit with visitors.
[img src=]650Bedhind the Pub, Corsham, UK
Right after a rainfall, the inner courtyard of a pub in Corsham, UK
[img src=]760Regent Street
Regent Street, from Piccadilly Circus, London
[img src=]610Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftesbury Avenue, off Piccadilly Circus, London, UK
[img src=]600The Mitre
Set in the heart of Bayswater and only a stone’s throw from Hyde Park, The Mitre, a traditional English pub, is a beautiful grade II listed building from 1850.
[img src=]530Mevagissey Harbour
Mevagissey Harbour, on a cold but sunny late afternoon
[img src=]330One Way
One Way street in West London.
[img src=]320On the road to Lyndhurst
On the road to Lyndhurst in the New Forest.
[img src=]240Near Beaulieu
On the way to Beaulieu, in the New Forest.
[img src=]530London Street
London Street, around Coventry and Piccadilly Circus, in Westminster
[img src=]260Gnarly
Gnarly tree by a cabin in a field, near Beaulieu, in the New Forest.
[img src=]360Ewelme Cottage
Beautiful cottage in Ewelme, England.
[img src=]290Clovelly Beach
Low tide at dusk - Clovelly Harbour
[img src=]250Alleyway
The Cotswolds, typical village around Castle Combe and Bath, UK.
[img src=]340Down by the river
Downtown, Bradford-on-Avon. Couldn't resist.
[img src=]240Waymouth Beach
Waymouth beach on overcast afternoon